Deer Repellent and Deer Tick Management

If your landscape is ending up as a buffet for your neighborhood deer population, it’s time to call GoldLeaf to protect your investment with an application of deer repellent.

Control varies between 30-60 days under normal conditions. This organic, foliar application is non-toxic and is formulated to work by making plants both smell and taste bad. Re-application will be necessary when new growth begins or under heavy rainfall.  While we cannot control weather patterns, you will receive a 40% discount if a second application is necessary up to 30days beginning the date we apply the deer repellent.  Any further damage to plant foliage that has been caused by deer feeding in the 30 days following our application would constitute a legitimate reason to re-service your property with the above mentioned discount, and a technician will promptly visit your property to make a second application.Tick control is valuable where the risk of exposure to ticks is greatest…in the woods and garden fringe area.  Integrated tick control treatments concentrating on the lawn perimeter areas provide the greatest protection by quickly reducing the number of active ticks in your landscape.