Balanced and Organic Fertilizer

Organic and balanced fertilizers are useful for your established trees and ornamentals that are often deprived of renewable sources of organic matter due to the cleanup of fallen leaves.

Just like any living thing, trees and landscape plants require certain nutrients to grow. Fertilizing trees and shrubs helps supply these nutrients, supplementing those already provided by the soil.  Properly fertilized ornamental plants grow more vigorously, look greener and healthier, and produce more flowers. The challenge is selecting the correct fertilizers and applying them at the proper rate and at the right time.  The right fertilizer can satisfy your tree and shrub’s nutrient requirements by helping to achieve the proper acidity or ph level in the soil.  This will allow nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to move more freely through the roots and reach the vital areas necessary for proper growth, color and overall health.

Organic Tree Fertilizers:  These slow-release nutrient compounds come from plant and animal sources and can be more expensive. Organic tree fertilizers are typically made from manure and chicken litter or bone and cottonseed meal.

Inorganic Fertilizers:  Inorganic, commercial fertilizers are compared by the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in their mixture. Ammonium nitrate, sodium nitrate, and ammonium sulfate are the most common.