Core Aeration and Over Seeding

eqipment-lawncare-3Core aeration is a mechanical process where cores of soil are pulled out of the turf and left on the surface to recycle back into the lawn. This process will help to alleviate soil compaction, allow water and nutrients to flow into the root zone more easily and bring up important soil microbes and micronutrients back to the surface of the soil. Putting holes into the thatch layer helps the existing soil microbes to break down the thatch layer by microbial action.

Most lawns will benefit from core aeration once each year. High traffic areas may require two aerations each year. After an aeration, many lawns will benefit from an application of lime and overseeding, in addition to a starter fertilizer. This will help rejuvenate a thinning lawn, or re-enforce the density before thinning can occur.

Aerating in Anchorage Alaska