Residential and Commercial Lawn Care

GoldLeaf Lawn Care Program.

equipment-lawncare-1Our standard residential lawn care program is more comprehensive than our competitors because we apply a higher rate of pre-emergent fertilizer early in the season. We apply 4.5 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. in accordance with the Maryland Department of Agriculture recommendation guidelines. Many of our competitors either skip this service altogether, or apply less than effective rates due to the cost of this product. However, we know from experience that the best way to reduce weeds is to keep them from germinating in the spring. Our comprehensive pre-emergent strategy will reduce new weeds in your lawn by 90%, which makes our job easier and your lawn more attractive. GoldLeaf Lawn and Shrub Care will utilize our knowledge gained from years of field experience to give you the best results over the long term. We are going to use the products described in our programs, not the least expensive, close enough, alternative. GoldLeaf Lawn and Shrub works with an “Integrated Pest Management” philosophy, meaning we will use the least amount of herbicides needed to get effective control by “spot treating’’ the weeds, not performing a blanket application over the entire lawn.

Premium GoldLeaf Lawn Care Program.

Our premium GoldLeaf Lawn care program is designed for the customer with a wider variety of lawn pest problems. If you have been plagued by summer post emergent crab-grass, nut-sedge, and summer insects then you should consider our Premium GoldLeaf Lawn care program. Tired of calling your lawn care company after these problems have caused damage to your lawn each season? We will address these pest problems before they have caused significant damage to your lawn. Through the combination of different systemic herbicides and insect control, in conjunction with your regular fertilizer applications, these common pest problems will no longer hinder the appearance of your turf grass.

GoldLeaf Organic Lawn Care Program.

Turf managers face a growing challenge in keeping fertilizer nutrients in the soil due to leaching. Organic fertilizers can help meet this challenge. They use nature’s way of supplying nutrients in turf and plants. Nutrients are released slowly through normal biological activity in the soil. This process allows nutrients to become available at about the same rate they are needed by turf and plants. Organic fertilizers provide a sustainable and natural approach to fertilizing.

Synthetic fertilizers can leach because they dissolve easily and release nutrients faster than plants use them. The slow release character of organic fertilizers allows plants to use the nutrients before leaching occurs.

Improvements in plant color, growth, and health are long lasting because nutrients are released slowly. Synthetic fertilizers can dissolve quickly and give shorter term improvements.

Organic fertilizers help improve soil humus. This improves soil quality by loosening clay soils to promote deep rooting and allow better penetration of water and nutrients. In sandy soil, our fertilizers can improve nutrient and water holding capacity, thereby reducing the need for excess watering.

Benefits of Organic Fertilizer Include:

  • Produces long-lasting improvements in color, growth and healthy condition
  • Will not burn turf or roots
  • Safe and easy to handle and apply
  • Poses no environmental hazard
  • Reduces leaching into ground water

Commercial Programs.

eqipment-lawncare-2This is our specialty. We have experience with ever kind of Commercial property, and our management has over 15 years experience serving property managers and other land care companies who do not wish to provide lawn care services. We can hand tailor a program to suit your needs based on the profile of each property you need help servicing. We can decide the number of services as well as other details based on your desired appearence for that property. We will usually employ a liquid formulation for the area between the sidewalks and the street. We will use granular fertilizers and liquid weed control for all other common areas.
We can also provide an all liquid program at your request, and we will frequently recommend a second application of pre-emergent in the spring for your “A” list customers.

We have made a large investment in the most advanced equipment so that ”too big” will never be a concern at GoldLeaf Lawn and Shrub Care and the quality will remain consistent whether were servicing 10,000 sq. feet or 10 acres. We can provide pricing on a per property or acre basis.

We have also set up a communication system which will make working with us effortless. You can log on to your account through our web-site to see what work is on the schedule, review your service history, and see your balance due. We have also provided online bill pay features for the convenience of your accounting office.

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